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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Miwa Ohshiro



At 12:52 AM, Blogger Hainan said...

Hi Kingstone, let me know at mabelle_chan at yahoo dot com when you make the link to me (title : Girls Swimsuits) and i will link back to you. Love this 2 strap bikini (the 3 top pics!) If you want can feature part of your post on my site and you do same with one of my posts: gets us even more traffic!

At 11:16 PM, Blogger Hainan said...

Am in The process of linking to you :-)

Can I feature your Miwa Oshiro post in return of a post of me featured on your blog?

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Hainan said...

Linked to you alraedy :-) Looking forward to your next post, me will do so soonest.

At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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